History Quiz
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Where was Premier Milka Planinc in power from 1982-1986?
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Why is French the national language of Africa's Ivory Coast?
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What was the title for the emperor of Russia from 1546 until 1721 but remained in common use until 1917?
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What was the name of the French king, executed by guillotine during the French Revolution?
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Mariner 9 was the first spacecraft to enter what planet's orbit successfully?
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Because of his illness, Franklin Roosevelt couldn't do what?
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Kevlar, first available in 1966, is most importantly used in what?
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What was the most important celestial object for the Aztecs?
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We take a quote worthy of Bartlett's and run it through a thesaurus worthy of Roget. Who would have said this? "Do not inquire as to what your nation can undertake for you, but instead inquire as to what you can undertake for your nation."
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Who won the Best Song Grammy for "Hello" in 2017?

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