General Knowledge Quiz
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People of the Maasai tribe of Kenya traditionally make jewelry and pierce what body parts?
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Hepatitis happens when it gets inflamed, cirrhosis when its tissues get scarred, and jaundice when a blocked duct overloads your blood with bilirubin. What is it?
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Is a tambourine a wind, string, percussion or keyboard instrument?
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Which city was the capital of the USSR?
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What should you leave for a tip on a $40 meal where 15% is a typical gratuity?
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Despite a US ban on adopting Cambodian children, in 2002 who nevertheless adopted a child she named Maddox?
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What is the amount of money you have to pay for an item called?
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A silverback is a male of which animal species?
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What country in South America with Quito as its capital uses dollar as its currency?
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What is the missing word: All things must ....

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